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Gifu / University (岐阜県 / 大学)

Chukyo Gakuin University




Chukyo Gakuin University is among the few unique and elite education institutions with an elaborate education system. We are committed to developing each and every one of our students’ ability.

Address 〒509-9195岐阜県中津川市千旦林1-104
TEL(JAPAN) 0572-68-4555


Chukyo Gakuin University, in order to support individuals’ intellectual growth and to help them enter society as leaders in their fields, has placed a passionate leadership team at its forefront. For our undergraduate program, we have implemented a first-year basic academic skills improvement program in consideration of international students. In addition, we have made available to students an easy-to understand connection between first year education and professional education. In order to
support our international students, we have placed on staff a full-time,with learning in the university as well as everyday life challenges.

School Features

Chukyo Gakuin University has a Faculty of Business Administration, a Nursing Faculty, and Chukyo College (Childcare, School Health and Nutrition Department) in Gifu Prefecture. At the school corporation Adachi Gakuen maternal, there is a campus in Mizunami and Nakatsugawa. The Faculty of Business Administration has accepted students in Nakatsugawa campus, in addition to teaching the basic knowledge and skills related to corporate management that are required in order to be an active manager and leader of a company. It also teaches a wide range of education related to human resources that can contribute to society.




Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Faculty of Business Administration Department of Business Administration Coed Day time 4 years

Curriculum Features

The curriculum is not limited to domestic applications, it extends to students who aim to be active in a global perspective; to learn economic and business administration and cultivate management power and knowledge as a leader of the future of the industry they wish to enter. It is also intended for students to try working in various social fields by using their analytical skills and processing power for a wide range of education, knowledge and information. We have prepared a curriculum that encourages the development of practical skills.


First Years Tuition Fees

•Admission fee: 75% exemption (requires submission of exemption application form)
•Tuition fee: 50% exemption (requires submission of exemption application form)
•2014 fiscal \ 900,000 yen (admission fee is included in the room rate, after reduction)
•Other: welfare cost (guardian fee, etc.)
•Those who have acquired the N1 or N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test are eligible for an additional tuition reduction.

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

System Name: Pre-test (practice exam)


Manabu receipt of payment in full exemption, tuition-half exemption, entrance fee exemption, etc.

Not required

Excellent performance in the pre-test (one subject 60 minutes, selected from Japanese, English, mathematics, bookkeeping).

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

student’s entrance examination

Application Period:2016/10/24~2016/11
Examination Date:2016/11/19

Application Period:2016/11/14~2016/11/28
Examination Date:2016/12/10

Application Period:2017/1/5~2017/1/23
Examination Date:2017/1/29

Application Period:2017/2/3~2017/2/17
Examination Date:2017/2/25

Application Period:2017/2/13~2017/3/3
Examination Date:2017/3/9

Please contact us for the schedule after that.

Selection Procedure: document review, essay, interview (2016 FY). There is a local venue

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