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Kanagawa / University (神奈川県 / 大学)

Nihon Eiga University




New education environment for you to master the “Power”, with the 4
years spending with films, to start up your career.
Equip yourself with the global vision and the common language of the
world of films.

Address 〒215-0004神奈川県川崎市麻生区万福寺1-16-30
TEL(JAPAN) 044-951-2511


At Japan Institute of the Moving Image, we strive to nurture students with high performance and communication skills, who can be active in wide range of fields,
through the production of video contents.
Nowadays, at universities, many of the students are expected to learn the techniques and knowledge on film creating, film theories film histories, and academic
knowledge on cultural criticism, and strive to sharpen their skills.
We strive to contribute to the local community, to work on connecting Asia (our research base) to the world and promote active cultural exchange through films.

School Features

Department of Film, Film Course
Course selection during second half of year 2.
- Screen Writing and Directing Course: Storytelling, goes in depth on thoughts regarding directing, and search for the essence of world of art.
- Cinematography Course: Pursue the definitive way of film creating via lights and colors. Learn from both 16mm film and digital perspective.
- Sound Recording Course: From recording, editing, processing to final mix. Learn all steps of the process of producing sound in films practically.
- Editing Course: Combine and connect fragments of videos, learn techniques required for assembling dramas.
- Documentary Course: While defining and confirming the difference of image and reality, learn the roles of journalism and diversity of visual communication.
- Film Theory and Producing Course: Enrich knowledge and education, and obtain writing skills via integrated views. Learn practical skills including distribution,
screening planning and more.


Faculty of active movie Teacher, teach one-on-one until convincing, gently, sometimes severely.


You will learn the history of the movies of Genesis to Today.


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Faculty of Film Department of Film Screen Writing and Directing Course Coed Day time 4 years
Cinematography Course Coed Day time 4 years
Sound Recording Course Coed Day time 4 years
Editing Course Coed Day time 4 years
Documentary Course Coed Day time 4 years
Film Theory and Producing Course Coed Day time 4 years

Curriculum Features

Practical training and practice
Practical lessons for students to master the techniques of film creating, and plenty of training lessons with students participating proactively.

Collaboration Omnibus
Collaborated classes created by collaboration of faculties from different departments, that are meant to nurture the students on “creating” and “researching” at the same time.

Formation of Lecturers
Our formation of lecturers includes currently active film directors, professionals and literacy critics, most of them are the top of the industry. Students will be able to learn directly from the professionals as soon as they entered the academy.


First Years Tuition Fees

(Entrance fee  300,000yen  (30万円)
First semester tuition 790,000yen (79万円)
Second semester tuition 790,000yen (79万円)

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

Imamura Shohei Memorial Scholarship


5 applicants. Equivalent to full amount of Tuition fees for 4th year.
Several applicants. Equivalent to half amount of Tuition fees for 4th year.
Application requirements / Selection process

No repayment necessary

Students will be selected based on grades by end of 3rd year.

Studies Support Scholarship


500,000yen per applicant

No repayment necessary

This scholarship is designated for students that have difficulty paying tuition fees for accepted reasons. Several past cases include students with excellent academic records, students that are having difficulty due to death of tuition sponsor and students whom are affected by natural disaster.

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

Examination for International Students

20 December 2016 – 18 January 2017

Examination:22 January 2017

Japanese Language (Written exam), Interview

※ For more information, please check our school website

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