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Osaka / Technical College (大阪府 / 専門学校)

Tsuji College of Confectionery




Making your Confectionery dreams come true at the world-renowned Tsuji Group Network, which has produced 140,000 graduates by far.

Address 〒545-0053 大阪府大阪市阿倍野区松崎町3-9-23
TEL(JAPAN) 0120-24-2418  


●Tsujicho Group currently have 84 enrolled students. (As of 2016)
Tsuji confectionery course is currently enrolled by many International students from Asian countries and USA.
(Nationality of International Students)
United States・Indonesia・Thailand・Malaysia・Mongolia・South Korea・Taiwan・China
●Graduates with their own restaurants found in overseas too
Graduates from Tsujicho Group set up their business not only in Japan but also worldwide. You can find their business in the following 13 countries:
(France, Germany, Spain, Monaco, America, Canada, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Palao)
●Fully support on study life
We support our International students by introducing the student dormitory (Male/ Female) and apartment as well as scholarship policy.

School Features

●Tsujicho Group has produced 137,500 graduates by far. Created culinary experts in Japan, France, Korea, China, Australia etc at more than 2,800 restaurants worldwide. Most graduates actively work as a head cook or chef in a hotel or fine dining restaurants. There are job opportunities from all over Japan yearly. During the job hunting activities, 3 experts will be assigned to follow up for 1 student. Support will still be given even after graduation and employments.
●From Western sweets, Japanese sweets to breadmaking. Fostering baking skills by 2 programs.
●Confectionery skills and management course (2 years)
Spend first year on learning the basic knowledge with training for Western and Japanese sweets and breadmaking. From second year onwards, concentrate intensively on patissier and boulanger and acquire professional skills.
・Confectionery Hygine course
Study the knowledges and skills of bread-making, western and Japanese sweets within 1 year. Subsequently acquire basic skills via short term intensive curriculum and learn the background and nutrition of sweets. After graduation, students can continue their [Study in france] course or futher study in Tsuji Institute of Culinary [Double License Class].
※Those who enrolled in this 2 courses will achieve National Confectionery Hygine qualification after graduation.
●Confectionery Arts and Management Course (2 years)
Second year is a practice about quantity and quality. 84% of all classes are about “making”. It’s divided on classes of “Patissier” studying the sweets making and “Boulanger” learning about bakery.
・Regular Course (1 year course)
Western sweets, Japanese sweets, bread making in one year you learn a lot about sweets. Learning the basics diligently will lead you to strong confidence in making. Also you can go abroad and study the real technology in a Tsujichou Group School in Leon, France.
●Tsujicho Group France School – Learn from the first-class patissier at gastronomic capital.
Upon graduation, you can further study at our School in France, Learn from the star chef and first-class patissier there for 6 months, follow by internship for 5 months at a first-class patisserie.


Learn from first rate teachers who have trained abroad


The Tsuji Culinary Group's French campus in Lyon


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Confectionery Arts and Management Course Confectionery General Class (New in academic year 2018.April) Coed Day time 2 years
Patissier Class Coed Day time 2 years
Boulanger Class Coed Day time 2 years
Japanese Sweets Class (New in academic year 2018.April) Coed Day time 2 years
Regular Course Confectionery Class Coed Day time 1 year
Double License Class Coed Day time 1 year + 1 year
Confectionery Class and France Studies Course Coed Day time 1 year + France Studies

Curriculum Features

●[Theory] + [Intern] + [Education] unique program
Not only memorizing the recipe and technique but also understanding the theory of confectionery background and culture, improve practical skills and etc. Create your own original recipe after completing the comprehensive food program.
●Teachers from TV and Media Stream
There are around 500 teachers in Tsujicho Group and 350 are exclusive. They have never stop improving themselves by researching the most advanced foodography, achieving some world class awards and being involved in TV and Media Industry. Students can consult these teachers anytime.
●Great facilities and Natural ingredients
Every ingredient for western・japanese sweets and bread-making we use are natural products and we provide pro-equivalent site and facilities and our materials are genuine with the finest quality.

【The finding employment results 2015/5 】

Imperial Hotel, Imperial Hotel Osaka, Hotel Granvia Kyoto, Hotel Okura Kobe, Kobe Kitano Hotel, Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka, Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel, etc.

Cocarde, Charnoir, BOUL’MICH, POIRE, Le Grand Chariot, Kent House, Toshi Yoroizuka, Blanche Takagi, Monsieur Makino, Le Pommier, Weissbacher, Le Comte, Florence, Chez Shibata, Enchante etc.

<Japanese Sweet>
Anan, Umenomochi, Namiyoshian, Kasho Asada, Sentaro, Oimatu, Gion Komori, Matsubaya, Isshindo, Kyo Mizuha, Baigetsudo,
Morihachi, Kameya Kiyonaga etc
Un peu de Pain Du Marche , Le Boulangerie Le Petit Ange, La Boulange ASANO etc
Le Pineau, W Bolero, Alcyon, Daniel etc.
Plan・Do・See、 Take and Give・Needs, Happoen, etc.


First Years Tuition Fees

2 Years: JPY 1,886,000
1 Year: JPY 2,140,000
※Installment is possible

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

Scholarship for International Students


JPY 150,000

No Repayment

The Entry・Screening・Entitlement information of the scholarship will be disclosed after enrollment.

Who can apply:
●Students who enroll from April.2017~ and has plan to apply for this scholarship
●Screening Method: Upon enrollment, Applicants are required to submit entry sheet of this Scholarship. The screening test will then be carried out.

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

Domestic Residents

1.Sep, 2017 - 24.Feb, 2018
※Admissions will remain open until capacity is reached.

We shall screen the application documents based on the reception order, Entrance exam shall be informed subsequently by form of writing.
Writing Test and Interview will be conducted in Osaka.

Foreign Residents

1.Sep - 16.Dec, 2017
※Admissions will remain open until capacity is reached.

We shall screen the application documents based on the reception order, Entrance exam shall be informed subsequently by form of writing.
Writing Test and Interview will be conducted in Osaka.

Area map