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Osaka / Technical College (大阪府 / 専門学校)

Tsuji Cooking College




Making your gastronomy dream comes true via the world-renowned Tsuji Group Network which has produced 140,000 graduates so far.

Address 〒545-0053 大阪府大阪市阿倍野区松崎町3-16-11
TEL(JAPAN) 0120-24-2418  


●107 international students enrolled in Tsuji group (FY 2016)
Tsuji School of Culinary Arts offer world class culinary and confectionery course and is currently enrolled by many International students from Asia and America.
(Nationality of International Students)
United States・Indonesia・Thailand・Malaysia・Mongolia・South Korea・Taiwan・China

●Fully support on study life
We support our International students by introducing the student dormitory(Male/ Female) and apartment and offering scholarships.

●We were selected by Japanese Language Schools as the ‘most recommendable school to international students’ to international students
In 2015, we were selected as the most recommendable Vocational school to International students by the teachers union from Japanese Language Schools at the [Study in Japan Awards]. The acquirable practical skills, Alumni connection and continuous support for graduators are the most credible points according to the outcome.

School Features

●World renowned Tsujicho Group Network and in-depth career support
Tsujicho Group has produced 140,000 graduates by far. Created culinary experts in Japan, France, Korea, China, Australia etc at more than 2,800 restaurants worldwide. Most graduates actively work as a head cook or chef in a hotel or fine dining restaurants. There are job opportunities from all over Japan yearly. During the job hunting activities, 3 experts will be assigned to follow up for 1 student. Support will still be given even after graduation and employments.
●The only culinary program (3 years) in Japan! Fostering cooking skills by 3 courses
・Advanced Culinary Arts and Management Course (3-year program) * (New in the academic year 2016)
The only 3 years culinary program in Japan with a maximum capacity of 40 students.
Using the “Food” we cultivate assets able to make a contribution to society. During 3 years we furnish the attitude of searching for the real thing and also teaching specialised cooking techniques, and making it to the embodiment of “Food” power with a great deal of hospitality, we are cultivating professional who are able to make a better life for others.
●Culinary Arts and Management Course(2-year course)
Students will spend the first year to study basic of overall food genres with training.
From second year onwards, they can select either 1 from Western・Japanese・Chinese and focus in speciality on the practical skills through the restaurant simulation studying.
●Culinary Arts (1-year course)
Students will spend 1 year in France・Italia・Japan・China to study basic techniques and knowledge for Confectionery and overall genres under an intensive program.
After graduation, students will have the chance to continue their [Study in France course] or continue [Double Master Class] at Confectionery School.
※All programs can be completed with a chef’s license without examination.


Be directly instructed by teachers who work with TV and other media


The Tsuji Culinary Group's French campus in Lyon


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Culinary Arts and Management Course Coed Day time 2 years
Regular Course Culinary Class Coed Day time 1 year
Career Class Coed Day time 1 year
Double License Class Coed Day time 1 year
Culinary Class & France Studies Course Coed Day time 1 year + France Studies
Advanced Culinary Arts and Management Course Coed Day time 3 years

Curriculum Features

●[Theory] + [Intern] + [Education] unique program
Not only memorising the recipe and technique but also understanding the theory of confectionery background and culture, improve practical skills and etc. Create your own original recipe after completing the comprehensive food program.
●Teachers from TV and Media Stream
There are around 500 teachers in Tsujicho Group and 350 are exclusive. They have never stopped improving themselves by researching the most advanced foodography, achieving some world class awards and being involved in TV and Media Industry. Students can consult these teachers anytime.
●Natural Facilities and ingredients
Every ingredient we use are natural products and we provide pro-equivalent site and facilities.
In 2016, our latest ICT-equipped active running classroom and cooking training room will be ready and all the cooking materials are genuine with the finest quality.

【The career placement result as of 2016/3 】
Hankyu Hanshin Hotels, Sheraton Hotel Osaka, Osaka Marriott Hotel, Imperial Hotel Osaka, Hotel New Otani, Hotel
Grandvia Kyoto, Kobe Kitano Hotel, Westin Hotel Osaka, Hyatt Regency Osaka Hotel Universal Port, Hoshino Resort Management, Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka etc
<Western restaurant>
Le Clos, Ange, Ponte Vecchio, Balnibarbi, Yoshoku Katsui, Italian Caloroso, Ristorante Rosanera, Convivialite, Raffinato, Kitano Club, Calendrier, Lumiere and etc.
<Chinese restaurants>
Re-life, Office Shikishun, Muscari, Chinese Kirinhouse, Akasaka Sisen Hanten, Heichinrou, Tengaiten etc
<Japanese restaurant>
Nadaman, Minokichi, Fukukizushi, Wakouan, Kikunoi, Kappou Matsumoto, Murota, Yamane, Honokawa, Yoshikawa, Suisan Iwakawa, Kagaman, Chikurin, Kappou Akiyama, Uokiku etc.


First Years Tuition Fees

(3-year system, 2-year system) 1,886,000 yen
(one year system) 2,140,000 yen
※ possible to pay in installments

For further information please refer to our brochure.

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

Foreign Student Scholarship




Further information regarding application, selection, and payment to be provided after enrolment.

● Target: International students who wish to enroll in Tsuji Cookery Technical School in April 2017 and wish this system
● Selection method: We will conduct a scholarship examination for those who submitted a scholarship entry sheet after enrollment.

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

Applicants from Japan

No later than 24th February 2017

※ Even during the application period, we will close it as soon as it reaches the capacity.

-We'll go through the application documents based on the submission sequence, follow by a letter of notification on an entrance exam.

Written examination and interview will be conducted in Osaka.

Applicants from Overseas

No later than 16th December 2017

※ Even during the application period, we will close it as soon as it reaches the capacity.

--We'll go through the application documents based on the submission sequence, follow by a letter of notification on an entrance exam.

Written examination and interview will be conducted in Osaka.

Area map