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Tokyo / Technical College (東京都 / 専門学校)

Tokyo Film Center College of Arts




Film · Animation · Theater · Acting school
Make favorite things to "work" in the Japanese entertainment industry. HOLLYWOOD WAY

Address 〒134-0088 東京都江戸川区西葛西3-14-9
TEL(JAPAN) 0120-233-557  


FC TOKYO is here to support International Students who hold dreams of being in the Japanese Entertainment Industry.
The potential career opportunities you can consider in FC Tokyo includes Movies, TV, Anime, MV (Music Video), PV (Promotion Video), CM (Commercial Film), Web Video, Theatre. For Entertainment field, there are Supervisor, Producer, Director, Actor, Scriptwriter, Photographer, Lighting, Recording, DIT, VE, Special Effect Make Up, Special Molding, Make Up Artist, Big and small art tools, Costume, CG, VFX, Editing, Sound System, MA, Actors, Voice Actor, Stuntman, Manager, Promotion, Distributor, Stage Director etc.
We aim for 「Professional Education」. Not just by teaching skills. To turn your interest into work, you need to learn 「Technique」and「Human Nature」. We give full support on your career activities so that each of you will ultimately land a job which will impress the audiences.
FC TOKYO has the most complete system and environment and has been producing many graduates who are currently active in this industry.
Come and join us and let's leap towards our dreams together.
We look forward to seeing you during our Open Campus at every Sunday.

School Features

①Human resource development = School-Industry Cooperation
We work closely with the enterprises・industries to develop human resource that are highly demanded by the society. We are assigned for approximately 250 projects (enterprise related issue) by over 400 cooperative enterprises yearly. You will be able to gain experiences from various field such as Movie, Anime, TV, Music Video, CM and etc.

②Professional-equivalent equipment and environment
All equipments and facilities provided inside the school campus such as filming and production site are professional equivalent. As well as the Large studio, recording room and movie theater.

And the whole campus is just like the shooting and production site for film making. We have well equipped studio, recording room, theater and sometimes you will bump into famous actors and musicians whom have come for shooting or recording drama and music video and voice drama inside our campus. Students will be able to participate in the production process.
One of the recent cases is the duets between our students and some famous voice actor. Students are also allowed to utilize all these equipments and facilities when necessary. They will produce 150 films per year and become competitive when entering the industrial stage.

③Career・Debut System : We have full time lecturers who have excelled in the industry to support individual students.
Students will be able to turn interest into work via Japanese film industry.

④Improvement on Japanese Language Ability!
Every week, there are 2 Japanese Language classes (180 minutes) available for International students along with from the opportunity to learn Business Level of Japanese. In addition, you will be involved in team work in movie production with the Japanese students. This will bring you more friends and improve your language and communication skills.

⑤Support counter for International Students “JIKEI COM International Center”
We have more than 5,656 International Students from 42 countries both in school and alumni. Our staffs are helpful and are able to communicate in Mandarin, English and Korean on enquiries such as Visa, Tuition Fee, Living and so on.


Student got to participate in School-Industry collaborative projects as a CG Animator


To gain practical skill via intern training form of video making.


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Movie Producing Department (3 year) Movie Creator World Director・Scenario Course Coed Day time 3 years
Movie・Video Technique Course Coed Day time 3 years
Sound System Engineer Course Coed Day time 3 years
CG・Digital Media World CG・Editing Course Coed Day time 3 years
Game Design Course Coed Day time 3 years
Anime・Comic Illustration Course Coed Day time 3 years
Web Video Course Coed Day time 3 years
e-sports Course Coed Day time 3 years
Art・Molding World Art・Design Course Coed Day time 3 years
Special Molding・Special Make up Course Coed Day time 3 years
Movie Talent Department (3 years) Actor World Actor & Actress Course Coed Day time 3 years
Theatrical・Musical Actor Course Coed Day time 3 years
Action Actor & Stuntman Course Coed Day time 3 years
Drama・Stage Management Course Coed Day time 3 years

Curriculum Features

①Obtain latest technique and information! = Lecturers are the active professional.
All lecturers are from the front line and constantly teaching based on the up-to-date skill and information. One of our characteristic is that our Lecturers would spend time in nurturing students by passing on the technique and experience. Students will get the opportunity to witness the world-class technique.
②Producing many pieces of work ⇒ Team movie production and Independent works:
Team movie production is a program which allows you to learn the basic movie production from planning, shooting and editing. This work is led in a small group so that all students will be involved. As for the Independent Works, it is a program that allows students to form their own team and produce a movie accordingly to their idea. The annual movie production can go up to 150 or as many as they want.
③Improve your practical skill, explore new possibilities = Double Major Curriculum
You will be able to enroll in other courses aside from the major course. This will broaden your knowledge and eyesight which may land you to your ideal career.
④Employment・Debut System: We have full time staff who have excelled in this industry and can provide tailor-maid support to each students.


First Years Tuition Fees

For further information please refer to our brochure.

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

Special Scholarships for International Students


Exemption amount will vary depending on the course. For more information, please contact the school.

No repayment is required.

①You must meet the eligibility requirement outlined in the “Special Scholarship for International Students”
②You must carry a “Student Visa”, or going to switch and obtain a Student Visa
③However, Government-sponsored students are not included.
●Eligibility for International Students Scholarship (you must meet at least 2 or more requirements below)
①Must have an attendance rate of 80% (and above) at your current Japanese Language school/equivalent institution.
②Must score at least N2 for JLPT, 200 and above for EJU and 400 and above for BJT.
③Must pass the Japanese language test of our school or must be clear of your life goal and be motivated.
※Students who meet certain/specific requirement during promotion period will also be eligible for application
●Selecting Method
Japanese Writing Test・Interview・Documents Screening

Kyoritsu International Scholarship Foundation for self-sponsored International Students


1 Year: JPY 60,000/ month
2 Years: JPY 100,000/ month

No repayment is required.

Students with excellent performance and behaviour will be recommended for application

School recommendation system


In the case of designated school recommendation, application fee will be waived.

No repayment is required.

Students with excellent performance and behaviour will be recommended for application

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

AO Application

AO Entry 1.June 2017 ~
AO Application period 1st August 2017 ~

Closes once maximum capacity is reached.
For further information please refer to our brochure.

General Application, Designated School Recommendation, Japanese School Recommendation

From 1.October 2017~

For further information please refer to our brochure.

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