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Otaru University of Commerce

National University(国立大学)/ Hokkaido(北海道)

Gunma University

National University(国立大学)/ Gunma(群馬県)

Maebashi Institute of Technology

Public University(公立大学)/ Gunma(群馬県)

Shinshu University

National University(国立大学)/ Nagano(長野県)

Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music

Public University(公立大学)/ Aichi(愛知県)

Shiga University of Medical Science

National University(国立大学)/ Shiga(滋賀県)

Okayama Prefectural University

Public University(公立大学)/ Okayama(岡山県)

The University of Tokushima

National University(国立大学)/ Tokushima(徳島県)

Miyazaki Prefectural Nursing University

Public University(公立大学)/ Miyazaki(宮崎県)

Nayoro City University Junior College

Public Junior college(公立短期大学)/ Hokkaido(北海道)

Biwako-Gakuin University Two-year College

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Shiga(滋賀県)

Osaka Junior College of Music

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Osaka(大阪府)

Sakai Women

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Osaka(大阪府)

Shoei Junior College

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Hyogo(兵庫県)

Sakuyo Junior College

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Okayama(岡山県)

Fukuyama City University

Public University(公立大学)/ Hiroshima(広島県)

Yamaguchi College of Arts

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Yamaguchi(山口県)

Kinki University Kyushu Junior College

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Fukuoka(福岡県)

Kyushu Ryukoku Junior College

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Saga(佐賀県)

Okinawa Christian Junior College

Private Junior college(私立短期大学)/ Okinawa(沖縄県)