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Ⅲ.After graduation for foreign students

Working in Japan

If you achieve the necessary credits and graduate from a university (including graduate school), junior colleges, and vocational schools, you are able to work in Japan. (In the case of vocational schools, you’d need a certain diploma of specialist) As a rule, you are only allowed to take on a job that requires the knowledge and training you have achieved at your school.

You must be careful of this point if you wish to work in Japan. When you take on a job, you must change your students’ visa to a work permit which you are required to submit an application to the immigration office with the documents from your work place. (Changes are not allowed on your own account) At the point of 2008, the total number of people who have applied for a transfer of students’ visa to a work permit, has been 11,789 and 93.6% of them have been permitted. (11,040 people)

Most work permits were for“Humanity, International Service” and “Technology”. Residence status of the most graduates, who have got Official Work Visa (93.1%), falls under the categories“Humanities and international services”or“Engineering”, then follows“Education”,“Investing / Business Managing”and“Researching”. Generally graduates work as translators and interpreters. Besides, some of them work in such fields as international trade, management, information technology and international services.

Job Centers for Foreign Students and Specialized/Technical Jobs

外国人雇用サービスセンター(Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners)

〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木3-2-21 六本木ジョブパーク地下1 階
TEL 03-3588-8639 

大阪外国人雇用サービスセンター(Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners)

〒530-0001 大阪府大阪市北区梅田1-2-2 大阪駅前第2 ビル15 階
TEL 06-6344-1135