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A challenging university. A university with 10 faculties and 20 departments that bring together various personalities.

101-2 Yagoto Honmachi, Showa-ku, Nagoya
052-835-7170(Admission Center)

For International Students

One of the nation's leading universities, with a wide range of studies from liberal arts to engineering and sports science. We will help you achieve your career goals through a wide variety of qualification preparation courses and detailed employment support. Our record of success in passing the civil service and teacher recruiting examinations is among the highest in the Chubu region.

School Features

The "Qualification Center" provides support for students who wish to pass civil service examinations and obtain qualifications. Various preparatory courses can be taken on campus, saving travel time and transportation costs, and the course fees are extremely inexpensive compared to outside vocational schools. Also, we employ top-notch instructors from outside the university with excellent teaching skills and a unique curriculum tailored to Chukyo University students. We produce students who pass civil service examinations and acquire qualifications every year.

Faculties, Departments, and Courses

School of Global Studies

Department of Global Studies

  • Major in International Human Studies
    Coed Daytime 4 years
  • Major in International Politics
    Coed Daytime 4 years
  • Major in International Economics
    Coed Daytime 4 years
  • Major in Global Liberal Studies (GLS)
    Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Linguistics and Cultural Studies

  • Major in Plurilingual & Pluricultural Studies
    Coed Daytime 4 years
  • Major in British and American Studies
    Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Letters

Department of History and Culture

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Japanese Literature

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Linguistic Expressions

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Psychology

Department of Psychology

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Law

Department of Law

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Economics

Department of Economics

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Management

Department of Management

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Policy Studies

Department of Policy Studies

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Contemporary Sociology

Department of Contemporary Sociology

  • Major in Sociology
    Coed Daytime 4 years
  • Major in Community Studies
    Coed Daytime 4 years
  • Major in Social Welfare
    Coed Daytime 4 years
  • Major in Intercultural Studies
    Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Information Engineering

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Media Engineering

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

School of Health and Sport Sciences

Department of Sport Management

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Health Science

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Athletic Training and Conditioning

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Sport and Physical Education

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Department of Sport Science

  • Coed Daytime 4 years

Curriculum Features

【If you are good at English, this is a great opportunity for you! About GLS Major】
The "Global Liberal Studies (GLS major)" started in the newly established Department of Global Studies in the School of Global Studies in April 2020. All students in this major take classes entirely in English. This major is recommended for those who have excellent English skills.

The GLS major is designed for international students with a certain level of English proficiency (CEFR B2 or above).
■Students acquire a wide range of knowledge and education in international society, business, culture, philosophy, and language.
■Students can also take specialized courses offered in English in other majors, expanding the field of their studies and making it possible for them to interact with local students.
■Of the 140 credits required for graduation, 40 credits are for Japanese language education, with the goal of obtaining N1~N2 level by graduation.
■Each specialized division of the university will provide support for student life, visa renewal, and job hunting.
The major is designed to help international students become human resources who can be active in a wide range of fields in Japan and around the world.

Please refer to the following URL for detailed curriculum and admissions information.


Tuition and Fees

First Year Tuition Fees
*For enrollment in April 2023
Tuition fee reduction system [30% reduction x 4 years] *For all students
Chukyo University offers a tuition reduction of 30% of the annual tuition fee to international students with "College Student" status of residence to study at Chukyo University without worrying about their financial situation (in principle, the tuition reduction is applicable for 4 years).

Below is the payment for international students admitted in 2023 (tentative). *After reduction or exemption

■Faculty of Psychology
Entrance Fee 701,000 yen
Fall Semester Fee 481,000 yen
Annual Fee 1,182,000 yen

■Law, Economics, Business Administration, Contemporary Society
Entrance Fee 651,750 yen
Fall Semester Fee 431,750 yen
Annual Fee 1,083,500 yen

■Faculty of Policy Studies
Entrance Fee 658,750 yen
Fall Semester Fee 438,750 yen
Annual Fee 1,097,500 yen

■Faculty of engineering
Entrance Fee 784,750 yen
Fall Semester Fee 564,750 yen
Annual Fee 1,349,500 yen

■Faculty of Sports Science
Entrance Fee 754,000 yen
Fall Semester Fee 534,000 yen
Annual Fee 1,288,000 yen

Scholarships and Honor Students System

Scholarship for International Students

Stipend/Loan, Interest-free/Loan, Interest-bearing/Exemption
45,000 yen/month
Repayment Method
Not required to be repaid
Application Requirements, Selection Process, etc.
The applicant must be a privately-funded international student enrolled at the university who is deemed to be in need of financial assistance for their study abroad and who has an excellent academic record. Also, students must have been enrolled as undergraduate student at the University for at least one year and must be in their second year or above at the time of application.

Tuition fee exemption for foreign students

Stipend/Loan, Interest-free/Loan, Interest-bearing/Exemption
Reduction of 30% of the tuition for 4 years
Repayment Method
Not required to be repaid
Application Requirements, Selection Process, etc.
For international students studying at Chukyo University while fully committing themselves to their academic pursuits.

Entrance Examination

Entrance Examination for International Students (Early Period)

Application Period
Late September 2023
Exam date: Late October 2023
Selection Process, etc.
■Facultys of Psychology, Law, Economics, Business Administration, Policy Management, and Contemporary Society
Application documents + essay (60 min.) + interview (oral examination)

■Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Sport Sciences
Application documents + Japanese language (60 minutes) + Interview (oral examination)

※To obtain further information, please refer to the "Chukyo University Net Campus" website designed for prospective students.

Entrance Examination for International Students (Late Period)

Application Period
Early January 2024
Exam date: Early February 2024
Selection Process, etc.
■Facultys of Psychology, Law, and Economics
Application documents + Japanese (modern Japanese only) (60 min.) + Interview (oral examination)

■Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Policy Management
Application documents + Essay (60 minutes) + Interview (Oral Examination)

※School of Social Sciences, School of Engineering, and School of Sport Sciences do not offer the latter half of the application period.
※To obtain further information, kindly refer to the "Chukyo University Net Campus" website designed for prospective students.

Messages from senior students and teachers

Chen Houfu Chinese/School of Health and Sport Sciences, Department of Health Science/4th year student

■Enrolled in Chukyo University to study sports science, including proper training methods.
In the track and field events at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Japan surprised the entire world by winning a silver medal in the men's 4x100m relay and setting a new Asian record at the same time. I came to Japan to study sports science, including Japanese training methods. Chukyo University has continued to lead the way in sports universities and has produced many Olympic athletes. For example, figure skater Mao Asada is very famous not only in Japan but also in China, and I have known her for a long time. Through Chukyo University's website and other sources, I became very interested in the course "Functional Anatomy of the Locomotor System" and learned that it was a special subject at Chukyo University.I chose the Department of Health and Sports Sciences because I wanted to learn the correct training methods and sports knowledge and to help people who love sports with the knowledge and experience I acquired. After entering the department, I learned about the theory and practice of promoting health and wellness, while acquiring specialized knowledge in the fundamentals of sports science. The classes I put the most effort into were "Functional Anatomy of the Locomotor System" and "Lifelong Sports Studies. It is necessary to read many reference books before and after the seminar. Through these classes, I was able to acquire practical knowledge and improve my Japanese reading skills. Also, the class that impressed me the most was "Sports Practice B (Gymnastics).While all of the Japanese students who took the course with me had studied gymnastics since elementary school, I had no experience with gymnastics before coming to Japan, and I was very anxious about it.However, I was very impressed that the instructor went out of his way to provide individualized instruction for me alone, and carefully taught me each and every technique until I was able to do all of the techniques covered in class.Through my studies at Chukyo University, I was able to acquire a lot of specialized knowledge about sports that I did not know before, such as the history of sports and body functions.

■I would like to continue my graduate studies and become a future manager of a training gym.
As an extracurricular activity, I am a member of a basketball club. We play after classes on weekdays (3 times a week) with friends from our university and members from other universities. I have made many friends through basketball. It is important for international students to make Japanese friends, but we also want to have friends from the same country. Through basketball, I have made friends from my home country, and we do shopping together on weekends and discuss daily life together. I have a dream to return to China in the future and run my own training gym. I would like to use the knowledge I have learned in Japan to help more people who love to play sports. For this purpose, I would like to go on to graduate school after graduation to further my research. The four years of college go by very quickly. It is very important to study hard in order to have a fulfilling college experience.

※Covered in December 2021.

DO THI NHAT-san from Vietnam/Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration / Sophomore 4th year student

■Various substantial support enhanced my communication skills as well as my acquisition of specialized knowledge.
I enrolled in the Faculty of Business Administration of Chukyo University because I felt it was an attractive university where I could study with peace of mind, as it offered support in various aspects, including Japanese language instruction for international students, scholarships, acquisition of qualifications, and assistance in job-hunting activities. After entering the school, through Japanese language classes, I was able to acquire skills necessary for a university student, such as how to write reports and conduct surveys. I was also able to acquire specialized knowledge through specialized courses such as international management theory and international finance theory. One of my most memorable experiences was the cross-cultural exchange I enjoyed with my fellow students at the seminar presentation where we introduced Vietnamese culture to our fellow students and prepared Vietnamese snacks for them to eat. I made many friends. In extracurricular activities, I belong to a badminton club and enjoy playing every week. I am also studying Chinese, so I have been able to interact with students from Suzhou University through online events. I actively interacted with Japanese and Chinese students and improved my communication skills.

■Achieve my dream while further improving my language skills and taking on the challenge of acquiring qualifications.
I aspire to become a versatile global professional capable of making significant contributions on the international platform. In the future, I envision working for a foreign enterprise where I can leverage my proficiency in Japanese, Chinese, and English to facilitate the growth of international trade. To achieve this goal, I aim to acquire the skills and abilities necessary to become a global human resource and am currently working toward obtaining the second level of bookkeeping, the fifth level of the HSK Chinese language proficiency test, and a TOEIC score of 900 or higher. Every day after class, I take a course at the on-campus qualification center. While working hard to acquire qualifications so that I can find a job in Japan, I attend job fairs for international students held by the Career Support Division and analyze companies in a wide variety of industries without narrowing down my industry.

I have met many people at Chukyo University and am living a fulfilling university life every day. I think this is the best university for those who want to challenge themselves, have a meaningful university life, and become competent people.

※Covered in December 2021.

UMEMURA Kiyohide Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Trustees, UMEMURA Educational Institutions, and President of Chukyo University

Since its establishment in 1954, Chukyo University has been committed to its history as a "University that takes on challenges." Its school motto is "Sincerity (Shin-Ken-Mi)" and its founding spirit is "the Hall of Sincerity in Academia and Sports." In practice, there are four pillars: "1. Observe the rules, 2. Do your best, 3. Create teamwork, 4. Show respect to others." The true meaning of "ShinKenMi" is as follows, "Shin" represents intellectual education, "Ken" represents physical education, and "Mi" represents moral education. True intellectual abilities can only be achieved with soundness of mind and body, adherence to the rules, and courteousness.

Chukyo University aims to foster " ’Knowledgeable individuals’ who think and act independently and flexibly." "Flexibility" means "being strong and flexible even in difficult situations." Individuals with tough mental strength, specialized knowledge, and a wide range of knowledge will be increasingly in demand in today's society.

The UMEMURA Educational Institutions celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023. In 2024, Chukyo University will celebrate its 70th anniversary. As the educational environment rapidly changes and social issues become increasingly complex and diverse, the educational corporation is expected to operate in a sound and appropriate manner, continuously develop its educational and research activities, and contribute to society through its achievements.

The UMEMURA Educational Institutions has set forth a long-term vision named "UMEMURA VISION 2033" with the goal of "Challenge and Harmony" as its ideal vision for the next decade. To achieve this vision, Chukyo University will initiate its long-term plan, "NEXT10 2033," starting from the academic year 2024.

Chukyo University will continue to challenge and reform, providing full support for students, the main players on campus, to learn and develop their abilities.


Nagoya Campus

101-2 Yagoto Honmachi, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 466-8666 JAPAN MAP
Direct access from Exit 5 of Yagoto Station on the Meijo and Tsurumai Subway Lines.


101 Tokodachi, Kaizu-cho, Toyota, Aichi, 470-0393 JAPAN MAP
10 minutes by school bus (free of charge) from "Josui" station on the Meitetsu Toyota Line.8-minute walk from Kaizu Station on the Aichi Loop Railway.