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Tokyo / Vocational school (東京都 / 専門学校)

Tokyo College of Anime and e-Sports




Tokyo college of Anime and e-Sports welcomes International Students to be the lead role in the field of Animation, Voice Acting, Game, and e-sports. Please enjoy the Japanese sub-culture and the study life in Japan.

Address 〒134-0088 東京都江戸川区西葛西4丁目10-1(北葛西校舎)
TEL(JAPAN) 0120-233-601  


Animation, Voice Acting, Game or e-sports will be your Job!

Tokyo College of Anime and e-Sports do our best to support you.
There are so many chances for our graduates to work in the field of Animation, Subculture scene or e-sports industry, not only in Japan but also in their home countries to launch their own business. Our school objective is to make more such opportunities for the students.
We can tell, since Tokyo College of Anime and e-Sports always continues to try new things.

“Is it difficult to become a voice actor?” If this question is your main concern, let's try to think how and what should be done to become a voice actor instead of giving it up. That's the way most of our current students entered the voice acting industry.

“Is it true that anyone who is physically strong with strong mind can enter the anime voice actor industry?” Regardless if it's true or not our school has prepared the latest technique that will to be the standard of the industry and is able to raised talented performer who can play an active part in the world. That's why we can cultivate students who are demanded from companies to hire.

We are also the first professional training school in Japan to offer e-sports courses. Our own unique curriculums are designed to develop Pro Gamer and other professional on e-sports events and business in either Japan or your home country.

In the game creator field, it has expanded with mobile games, and the Internet games, and it became a field where many foreign students are active. At our school, you can learn from lecturers who are active at the forefront of the industry and facilities equipped with latest game devices.

And whenever you have any troubles or problems, feel free to consult with our staffs who are always available to help. You will be able to concentrate on your studies when realize your dream to work in the professional world of industry. During a school life here, you will have a confidence that you make a lot of progress and your dream will come true.

Please visit Open Campus held every Sunday to experience the school life here of Tokyo College of Anime and e-Sports.
We look forward to seeing you at school.

School Features

①Scholarship in form of reduction of tuition fees is available for eligible International Students.

②“JIKEI COM International Center”is the school's office to support each international student with several languages available such as Korean, Mandarin and English in relevant inquiries such as tuition fee, visa application, accommodation and etc.

③There is Japanese language class every week for international students to improve their language ability as well as learning the Business level Japanese.

④All lectures are provided by well experienced lecturers and they teach based on the updated information of the current changes in the industry.

⑤All machine and equipment specification are for the professionals and the students can learn in the real professional environment as to get ready for business.
Equipment rental is available for students to utilize within the campus for free.

⑥Our school is located 12-minute-walk from Tozai Line Nishikasai Station, and is approximately 15 minutes away from Otemachi Station and Tokyo Station, with lower living cost and livable environment best for students. It is also quite near from Kasai Seaside Park and Tokyo Disney Resort.

⑦We have more than 81 affiliated schools providing more than 500 occupation training. If you change your mind after enrolling, you will still be able to switch to the field/college that you wish to enter.

There will be open campus with trial lessons every month. You are always welcome to join us!


The best environment to learn Animation and Comic Illustration!


You can learn e-sports with latest game devices!


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Super Creator Major Super Technology Smart Phone APP and VR Production Coed Day time 4 years
Super e-sports Major Super Technology Super Professional Gamer Coed Day time 3 years
Event Staff Coed Day time 3 years
Super Anime Major Super Technology Voice Actor Professional Coed Day time 3 years
Anime Voice Actor Major Performing Arts Anime Voice Actor Coed Day time 2 years
Voice Actor Artist Coed Day time 2 years
Voice Actor and Staff Coed Day time 2 years
Voice Actor and Dance Coed Day time 2 years
e-sports Major Performing Arts Professional Gamer Coed Day time 2 years
Video Streaming Coed Day time 2 years
Game Commentary and Broadcaster Coed Day time 2 years
Animation Major Anime General Production Animation Production Coed Day time 2 years
CG Animation Coed Day time 2 years
Anime Sound Engineer Coed Day time 2 years
Illustration and Character Major Anime General Production Illustration and Character Design Coed Day time 2 years
Anime Merchandise and Design Coed Day time 2 years
Figure Coed Day time 2 years
Anime Staff and Event Major Anime General Production Voice Actor Manager Coed Day time 2 years
Anime Event Planning・Production Coed Day time 2 years
Live Sound Staff Course Coed Day time 2 years

Curriculum Features

①Company Project: With a focus on Animation, Voice Acting, Game and e-sports industry, we will get to work with more than 300 various company project along with affiliated schools. To be work-ready human resources, students experience the real-site of professionals working with them. We give chances to every students can get these experiences. Practical work-sites will be your classroom!

②Double Major Curriculum: You will also be able to take other courses besides from your major upon enrolling. From wide range of knowledge, you will be able to improve internally on your personality which will benefit your future career and debuting. Even if you change your goals or targets, we will correspond our curriculum based on it.

③Overseas Training : We will conduct an entertainment training in the United States, the home of entertainment.
Through the experience, you'll learn something exciting which you cannot in Japan.

④Lecturer: We have the network to invite expatriate and special lecturers from Japan and overseas who are qualified in advanced technology, knowledge and experience to conduct premier seminar and support our students.

⑤Debut and Career System: We collaborat with more than 300 corporations to connect students with professionals in their aimed career field. Students will master practical skills under this double major curriculum and industrial cooperation project.


First Year Tuition Fees

For further information please refer to our brochure.

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Loan (Interest-free or Interest-included) / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

Special Scholarship for International Students


Exemption amount will vary depending on the major. For more information, please contact the school.

No repayment is required

①Foreign students who hold Student Visa, or going to switch and obtain a Student Visa
②Government-sponsored students are not included.
●Eligibility for International Students Scholarship (you must meet at least 2 or more requirements below)
①Must have an attendance rate of 80% (and above) at your current Japanese Language school/equivalent institution.
②Must score at least N2 for JLPT, 200 and above for EJU and 400 and above for BJT.
③Must pass the Japanese language test of our school or must be clear of your life goal and be motivated.
※Students who meet certain/specific requirement during promotion period will also be eligible for application



1 Year: JPY 48,000/month

No repayment is required

Students that learning achievement, attitude and attendance are observed as well as applicants recommended by the school.

Designated School Recommendation


JPY 30,000 as examination fee will be exempted

No repayment is required

This is a system for students whose first preference is this school, and who are expected to graduate from a Japanese language school designated by this school.
①More than 90% attendance rate.
②Having clear goals and targets and can work hard with passion in the area they want to move forward.
③Having Japanese language ability does not interfere with studying at this school.

Kyoritsu International Foundation Scholarship for self-sponsored International Students


2 Years: JPY 100,000/month

No repayment is required

Students who hold nationalities of Asian countries with excellent performance and behaviour will be recommended for application.


Exam name/Course Name Application Period Selection Process

AO Application

AO Entry : 1st June (Mon) 2020 ~
AO Application period : 1st September (Tue) 2020 ~
※The entrance examination will be administered from September to March. Closes once maximum capacity is reached.

For further information please refer to our brochure,or contact us.

Designated school recommendation, Japanese school recommendation・General Application

1st October (Thu) 2020~
※Admissions will be conducted from October to March.
Close once maximum capacity is reached.

Japanese language test, interview and document selection
For further information please refer to our brochure, or contact us.

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