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Tokyo / Vocational school (東京都 / 専門学校)

Tokyo Communication Arts College




Tokyo Communication Arts College, featuring with Design・Manga・Game・Animation・Illustration・CG and Car Design courses.

Address 〒134-0088 東京都江戸川区西葛西5-3-1
TEL(JAPAN) 0120-532-303  


1. JIKEI COM International Center is a department dedicated to the assistance of each international student, providing services in Korean, Mandarin, English and Indonesian. We will be able to help you through a range of issues, tuition consultation, visa, and accommodation.
2. Japanese language classes are available every Monday. (Preparation for JLPT N1 Test)
3. Our campus is located in Nishi-Kasai, Edogawa ward about 1 minute from the Tozai Line Nishi-Kasai station. Besides, we are also close to Tokyo station about 15 minutes by subway; and close to Kasai Seaside Park and Tokyo Disneyland.
4. Every weekend, you can visit our open campus to join school tour session and enjoy trial lessons.
5. We constantly have teachers who are able to speak Korean, Mandarin and English! You can feel reassured to ask for help.
6. There are senior international students who would help you during the classes.
7. The title of "Advanced Diploma" similar to university graduate is awarded on graduating in a 4-year program.
8. TCA is autholized as an appropriate school by Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.

School Features

1. Based on the “School-Industry Cooperation Education system”, we cultivate human resources that the industries demand. Not to mention the required technique and knowledge, students will also learn manners and professional mind set necessary through the practical lessons like company assignment and internship.
2. All the lecturers are professionals who play an active part in the frontline, so that the latest circumstances of industries will be taken into the classes.
3. All machine and equipment specification are for the professionals and the students can learn in the real professional environment as to get ready for business. All equipment and facilities are available for free, and school will be open for 24 hours for students to use in a specific period.
4. Don't worry about your healthcare! Students of our school who join the National Health Insurance can go to our affiliated hospital, Keiseikai Clinic free of charge for consultation or treatment which specializes in internal medicine and dental care.
5. Private dormitories are available! Even for those living on their own for the first time, we promise to deliver a life style that is convenient, safe and relaxing from our dormitories. You will be able to study in peace.
6. For international students, we fully support you to find a job.
7. Through the year you can enjoy a lot of our events, such as "the Friendship Program", the opportunity you can communicate with another international students and Japanese students. You would be satisfied with not only studies but also your school life.




Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Super Creator Department Super Technology Major IoT・Smart City Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
Technology Design Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
Hobby and Toy Designer Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
Super Comic Major Comic Illustration Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
Scenario and Novel Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
Super e-Entertainment Major Game Graphic and Illustration Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
Game Programmer, Planner and VR Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
Animation Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
VFX CG Images Advanced Diploma Course Coed Day time 4 years
Creative Design Department Design Major Graphic Design Course Coed Day time 3 years
Illustrator Course Coed Day time 3 years
Interior Design Course Coed Day time 3 years
Manga・Illustration・Novel Major Manga Course Coed Day time 3 years
Comic Illustration Course Coed Day time 3 years
Digital Illustration・Manga Course Coed Day time 3 years
e-Entertainment Department Game Major Game Graphics and Character Course Coed Day time 3 years
Game Planner Course Coed Day time 3 years
Game Programmer Course Coed Day time 3 years
CG, Movie and Animation Major 3DCG Creator Course Coed Day time 3 years
Animation Course Coed Day time 3 years
Movie and Video Creator Course Coed Day time 3 years
Car Design Department Car Design Major Car Design Course Coed Day time 4 years
Car Model Course Coed Day time 4 years
Motorcycle Design and Model Course Coed Day time 4 years

Curriculum Features

Curriculum Features

1. Company project: Since our establishment, we have worked with over 1400 companies to provide our students with the opportunity to experience how professionals work, equipping students with the skill they need to be effective in the field.
2. Special Industry Seminars: Aim for employment and debut beyond your goal by learning from the industry's finest talents, absorbing the necessary knowledge and experience from a hands-on approach.
3. Double Major Curriculum: This system allows you to take classes other than your initial major, giving you space to calibrate your classes to your goals, and broaden your future prospects!
4. Overseas Training Program: Attend workshops at our overseas partner schools, limited only to this program and gain invaluable experience. Make yourself internationally relevant with world level stimulation and cultural experiences.
5. Employment Support: Our Career Center provides a rich database of career opportunities, like internships, joint enterprise seminars and other measures to help our students secure employment.
6. Debut Support: Realize your dreams of a professional debut with practical courses at our Debut Center, guided along with the support of various publishing companies.


First Year Tuition Fees

JPY 1,600,800 ~ 1,750,800
※Teaching materials, textbooks, health management cost are not included.

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Loan (Interest-free or Interest-included) / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process



1 Year: JPY 48,000/month

No repayment necessary

Students that learning achievement, attitude and attendance are observed as well as applicants recommended by the school.

Kyoritsu International Foundation Scholarship for self-sponsored International Students


2 Years: JPY 100,000/month

No repayment necessary

Students who hold nationalities of Asian countries with excellent performance and behaviour will be recommended for application.

Designated School Recommendation


JPY 30,000 as examination fee will be exempted

No repayment necessary

This is a system for students whose first preference is this school, and who are expected to graduate from a Japanese language school designated by this school.
①More than 90% attendance rate.
②Having clear goals and targets and can work hard with passion in the area they want to move forward.
③Having Japanese language ability does not interfere with studying at this school.


Exam name/Course Name Application Period Selection Process

AO Application

AO Entry : 1st June (Tue) 2021 ~
AO Application period : 1st September (Wed) 2021 ~
※The entrance examination will be administered from September to March. Closes once maximum capacity is reached.

For further information please refer to our brochure,or contact us.

Designated school recommendation, Japanese school recommendation・General Application

1st October (Fri) 2021~
※Admissions will be conducted from October to March.
Close once maximum capacity is reached.

Japanese language test, interview and document selection
For further information please refer to our brochure, or contact us.

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