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Fukuoka / Vocational school (福岡県 / 専門学校)

Ohara School of Childcare, Medical and Welfare (Fukuoka Campus)


Address 〒812-0026 福岡県福岡市博多区上川端町13-19
TEL(JAPAN) 092-271-2942  


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Field of Medical Assistant Medical Information Manager Coed Day time 2+1年
Doctors Clerk Coed Day time 2 years
Pharmaceutical Distributor Coed Day time 2 years
Comprehensive Medical Office Coed Day time 1 year
Filed of Nurisng and Caretaker Nursing Teacher Coed Day time 2 years
Early Childhood Education Coed Day time 2+1年
Care Worker Coed Day time 2 years