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Fukuoka / Professional Training College (福岡県 / 専門学校)

Fukuoka College of Culinary Arts




Fukuoka College of Culinary Arts is where your passion can become your vocation in the world of food!

Address 〒812-0032 福岡県福岡市博多区石城町20-9
TEL(JAPAN) 0120-717-267  


At Fukuoka College of Culinary Arts, we have established a comprehensive point of contact for all of our foreign students. We call it JIKEI COM International Center. There, we will be able to tend to your questions regarding applications, visa, tuition fees, scholarships, and even accommodation. Our dedicated staff will be there to provide you support from enrollment to graduation, in order to eliminate any anxiety of living in an unfamiliar country.

School Features

~Utilizing the vast connections in the industry of food for “School-Industry Cooperation Education System”~
In Fukuoka College of Culinary Arts, in order to develop human resources that can be active in the pastry, bakery, cooking, and cafe fields, we offer a variety of skills required in conjunction with the industry. We provide knowledge and skills that are required to lead the industry, the application from the ground up through the two years, and the ability to apply it to practical use. In addition, equipments and facilities necessary for the industry, such as training rooms and tools, and a professional teacher, will be provided. After graduation, you can work immediately in the food industry. So as to be able to fulfill their dreams, Fukuoka Culinary will continue to support students for their entire life.


Enjoy the classes at the training center while learning the skill and technique relevant to food.


Cultural exchange activities will be carried out periodically between international students.


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Confectionery and Bread Making Pâtissier Coed Day time 2 years
Bread Making Coed Day time 2 years
Confectionery and Bread Making Coed Day time 2 years
Confectionery and Cooking Coed Day time 2 years
Vendeuse/Vendeur (Confectionery Seller) Coed Day time 2 years
Licensed Cook Licensed Cook Coed Day time 2 years
General Café General Café Coed Day time 2 years
Café Owner Coed Day time 2 years
Barista Coed Day time 2 years
Japanese Interpreter and Food Studies Coed Day time 2 years
<Confectionery and Bread Making> 2 years + 1 year Advanced Course Pâtissier Master Coed Day time 3 years
Bread Making Master Coed Day time 3 years
<Licensed Cook> 2 years + 1 year Advanced Course Cook Master Coed Day time 3 years
<General Café> 2 years + 1 year Advanced Course Café Master Coed Day time 3 years

Curriculum Features

In Fukuoka College of Culinary Arts, in addition to the basic subjects and specialized subjects such as training and classroom lectures, we offer a number of our own special curriculum programs and support systems.

●“Industry Project”: Develop your menu into marketable products!
We give students the opportunity to make real products with companies and in the classroom we enable students the power to make existing products.
Develop original products for clients which will be sold in their shops, for example pastry shops, restaurants, café, hotel, etc. if adapted.
●“Shop Practice”: Learn to run a shop which will make your customers happy.
There are many opportunities to open an actual shop of your own in the school. From the menu, planning, store design, to public relations activities and purchases of day, do all of the steps involved in the management of the shop on your own.
●“Double Major”: Choose a subject beyond your initial choice.
You may attend classes outside your major for free to suit your future goals. You may personalize your time table with pairings like Patisserie+Café, or Culinary+Bread to widen your learning scope.
●“Overseas Practice Training”: Learn international cooking skills according to each country.
In Fukuoka College of Culinary Arts, in order to facilitate the professional industry of food to be world-class, we conduct overseas practical science training at partner schools in Europe. Through the school's own training program, learn the skills that cannot be learned in Japan, deepen your knowledge, and increase sensitivity.
●“Debut-Career System”: From school life until after graduation, we support each student to find a job and open their own shop.
The Career Center is a department of the employment center; we conduct personal interviews to introduce an internship or a job that's right for you. We also offer other employment measures to take advantage of the sister school courses and nationwide network of over 70 schools to support employment activities across the board. In addition, those who wish to open their own shop, Entrepreneur support center will help.


First Years Tuition Fees

Confectionery・Bakery Course: JPY 1,270,800
Cooking: JPY 1,290,800
General Cafe: JPY 1,250,800

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

Special Scholarship for International Students


Reduction and exemption amount will vary depending on the course. For more information, please contact the school.

No repayment necessary

①You must meet the Eligibility for International Students Scholarship below
②You must carry a “Student Visa”, or going to switch and obtain a Student Visa
③However, Government-sponsored students are not included.

●Eligibility for International Students Scholarship (you must meet at least 2 or more requirements below)
①Must have an attendance rate of 80% (and above) at your current Japanese Language school/equivalent institution.
②Must score at least N2 for JLPT, 200 and above for EJU and 400 and above for BJT.
③Must pass the Japanese language test of our school or must be clear of your life goal and be motivated.
※Students who meet certain/specific requirement during promotion period will also be eligible for application



1 Year: JPY 48,000/month

No repayment necessary

Students with excellent performance and behaviour will be recommended for application

Kyoritsu International Foundation Scholarship for self-sponsored International Students


1 Year: JPY 60,000/month
2 Years: JPY 100,000/month

No repayment necessary

Students with excellent performance and behaviour will be recommended for application

Designated School Recommendation system


In the case of designated school recommendation, application fee will be waived.

No repayment necessary

Students who are recommended by designated schools

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

AO Entry

AO Entry 1st June 2018 ~
AO Application period 1st August 2018 ~

For further information please refer to our brochure.

Designated school recommendation, Japanese school recommendation, general application

1st October 2018~

Admissions will be conducted from October to March. Admissions will remain open until capacity is reached.

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