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Fukuoka / Professional Training College (福岡県 / 専門学校)

Fukuoka Wedding and Hotel, Integrated Resort College




Bring impression to all guests by our biggest smiles.

Address 〒812-0032 福岡県福岡市博多区石城町20-9
TEL(JAPAN) 0120-717-265  


FUKUOKA Integrated Resort & WEDDING COLLAGE is where the heart of hospitality is cultivated. The feeling of hospitality is not special. It is the gladness we feel when making someone happy. There are many opportunities in the world of hospitality for you to light ablaze that warm feeling of kindness. With your hospitality, let us work towards a world which overflows with thanks!

School Features

Our school has part of the School -Industry Collaboration System, where the wall between school and the professional field is removed by providing you with the necessary in-field experience. Classes revolve around building up skill and knowledge through a hands-on approach. Work with equipment and settings as currently used in the industry, and learn from professional lecturers.
Also, there will be field studies that you can learn from within the industry itself, providing you with the high level of skill and knowledge required for working in this line.

We have established a new department of IR (Integrated Resort) that is spotlighted recently. Hotel, IR and MICE industries which are required sense of globally need people who have hospitality mind. Let us get hospitality mind that cherish each guest and be active in the industry!


Let us make our guests happy with Japan's hospitality


Many international students are here in our school !


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Hotel Major IR and Hotel Resort Department Hotel Management Course Coed Day time 2 years
Coed Day time 3 years
Coed Day time 3 years
Coed Day time 2 years
Airline Major Airline Department Cabin Attendant Course Coed Day time 2 years
Ground Staff Course Coed Day time 2 years
IR and MICE Major IR and Hotel Resort Department IR Operation and Hospitality Course Coed Day time 3 years
Coed Day time 3 years
Bridal Major IR and Hotel Resort Department Global Bridal Planner Course Coed Day time 2 years
Total Bridal Department General Bridal Course Coed Day time 2 years
Bridal Planner Course Coed Day time 2 years
Dress Stylist and Beauty Course Coed Day time 2 years

Curriculum Features

Although enrolled in the same course, each student has a different dream for the future. To adopt to each individual goal, under our "double major curriculum," you can choose classes outside your major, even at our sister school, Fukuoka College of Culinary Arts. Keeping in mind the many desires of your guests, build your own curriculum to provide you with the extra edge for employment.

Also,traditional Japanese cultural activities like flower arrangement and tea ceremony courses are available to deepen your appreciation of hospitality.


First Years Tuition Fees

JPY 1,085,800 (※2019 April intake)

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

Jikei COM Special Scholarship for international students


JPY 175,800 (exempted from official tuition fee)

No repayment

●Conditions : Foreign student with student visa (except to Japanese Government Scholarships) and satisfy more than 2 points
1. Students who have the Japanese school attendance rate of 80% or more.
2. Students who have passed the JLPT level N2 or who get more than 200 points on the EJU or who get more than 400 points on the BJT.
3. Students who have passed the Japanese test at our schools and are certain of their future goals.
●Application period : In your application

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

General Application

Application begins 1st October (Tue) 2019

For further information please refer to our brochure.

AO Examination and Japanese School Recommendation

1st July (Mon) 2019~
AO Application 1st August (Thu) 2019~

Japanese test and interview

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