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Tokyo / Japanese language school (東京都 / 日本語学校)

Yu International Cultural Academy




"Solid Japanese Language skill. Reliable studies."
 Our school supports hardworking international students.

Address 〒1690073 東京都新宿区百人町2-20-17 新大久保国際文化ビル1F
TEL(JAPAN) 03-5925-1620  


It has been certified as a proper school from Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. Visa qualification is 1 year or 1 year 3 months. We offer 1.5 year and 2 years courses. Our Japanese language education is conducted with new lesson styles such as tablets or videos. For new style classes, we made efforts to lent chrome-book (notebook PC) to our students. We have a tea room and Japanese traditional garden in our school facility, making it possible for students to come in contact with Japanese culture through daily life.

School Features

1.Everyday mini-tests and monthly tests are conducted to evaluate student’s academic achievements.
2.Personal guidance for students who wish to continue their studies in Japanese colleges or universities. Arranging educational trips to colleges or universities.
3.Specially collaborated programs with universities and colleges.
4.Student Aid programs including "Scholarship program" and "Supportship program" to fully aid and support hardworking students.
5.Safe and convenient accommodation facilities owned by school to provide students with safe and easy everyday life.
6.Japanese culture workshops provided periodically. Tea ceremony, Ikebana, Kimono, Calligraphy workshops conducted by specialized instructors.
7.We provide chrome-book to all students and using electronic resources for classroom teaching.
8. Life support system : available to use our affiliated café at special price.


The tea room inside school campus


Sports event


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
2 Years Course April Intake (Application: August ~ November) Coed Day time 2 years
1.5 Years Course October Intake (Application: March ~ May) Coed Day time 1 year 6 months

Curriculum Features

Class will be conducted in average of 15 students. Specific teacher will be assigned to each class for purpose of more detailed guidance.
Test and interviews conducted periodically, as well as tutoring provided to students who require extra help.
Lessons conducted using tablet and electronic teaching materials, with special consideration on proficiency of lesson time.


First Years Tuition Fees

※This amount is inclusive of International Student's health insurance throughout the enrollment period.
Screening Fee: JPY 30,000

2 Years Course
Admission Fee: JPY 50,000
Tuition Fee: JPY 1,272,000
Teaching Material Fee: JPY 44,000
Facilities Fee: JPY 146,000
Total: JPY 1,512,000

1.5 Year Course
Admission Fee: JPY 50,000
Tuition Fee: JPY 954,000
Teaching Material Fee: JPY 33,000
Facilities Fee: JPY 110,400
Total: JPY 1,147,000

Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

Scholarship Program


JPY 100,000


Scholarship will be provided to students with financial need in June, September, December and March. Eligibility required for scholarship application are: Distinguished result on Examination, Excellent Attendance and Self Motivation letter. JPY 100,000 will be awarded to (1) selected student.

Supportship Program




Students with excellent attendance and great academic achievements are provided with 6 month part-time jobs at Yu's Holding Company's office and delivery center (office work, data input, facilities' cleaning, etc.). Basic requirements are: job interview on Japanese skill level.
Fiscal year 2016 results: Clerical work (6 people), cleaning work (9 people), part-time work in school related Business Company (5 people)

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

Students Entrance Examination

2 Years Course : April Intake (Application: August - November)
1.5 Year Course : October Intake (Application: March - May)

Documents submitted will be reviewed. The applicant will be asked to sit for an entrance examination for testing his/her level of Japanese. An interview with the financial guarantor will be conducted if necessary.

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