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Hokkaido / Japanese language school (北海道 / 日本語学校)

Yu Language Academy Sapporo




Take the first Step toward your Dream in "Sapporo!"

Address 〒060-0032 北海道札幌市中央区北二条東15-26-30
TEL(JAPAN) 011-212-1987  


Our school has been certified as a proper school from Sapporo Regional Immigration Bureau. We have opened a Japanese language school in Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido! Sapporo is a Hokkaido’s center of politics, economy, education and culture. Although Sapporo is such a big city with a population of around 2 millions, it offers a great deal of nature. Would you like to learn Japanese at the place, where city and nature have grown together? The prices and rents are cheap(the average rent is ¥33,000), and since the average temperature in August is 22.3ºC, it’s comfortable to live here.
There are many famous sightseeing spots, and a variety of seasonal events, and of course a lot of different delicious dishes like Seafood, Jingisukan, soup curry, ramen and so on!
Let’s start your study in Japan together, at the Yu Language Academy!
Friendly and cheerful teachers are waiting for you!

School Features

Living a Comfortable Student Life in "Sapporo", urban natural city at the center of Hokkaido!

・Student Dormitories - It takes only 30 seconds from our dormitory to the school. We have another dormitory offers a meal plan and a courtesy bus to the school.
・Part-Time Jobs Arrangement - Our partner companies provide you with various part-time jobs according to seasons.
・School Scholarship Program - JPY 100,000 will be awarded for the finest student once every three months.
・You can regularly take trial lessons at our partner university or specialized training college.
・Support to study at our partner university or specialized training college - We are able to offer you special entrance examinations and tuition fee exemption.
・Study in Tokyo - We have also two Japanese schools (Yu Language Academy, Yu International Cultural Academy) in Tokyo. Cooperating with these schools, you have a chance to study in Tokyo.


Sapporo has a lot of snow in Winter. With some students had never touched snow before, we made Snowman together.


We enjoyed a game party after christmas completion ceremony.


Departments Subjects Special courses Others
Short-term course 3 month Course April intake Coed Day time 3 months
July intake Coed Day time 3 months
October intake Coed Day time 3 months
January intake Coed Day time 3 months
Summer Course July intake Coed Day time 2 weeks - 1 month
Winter Course January intake Coed Day time 2 weeks
Long-term course Preparatory Course (1 year) Coed Day time 1 year
Preparatory Course (1.5 years) Coed Day time 1 year 6 months
Preparatory Course (2 years) Coed Day time 2 years

Curriculum Features

Students are arranged into classes with an average of about 15 students in each class. One teacher takes charge of one class throughout the year, which allows the teacher to keep a close eye on each of the students.
Regular examinations and counseling help teachers to always have a clear idea of the students' Japanese skills, which allows us to customize the curriculum for students when needed.
Lessons conducted using computer and electronic teaching materials, with special consideration on proficiency of lesson time.
The counseling in foreign language is regularly held and it allows you to counsel about your study and life in Japan in your own mother tongue.
Kanji class prepares the original Kanji-textbooks. The class is organized according to Kanji skill.

First Years Tuition Fees


Financial Support

Scholarship System Benefit / Rent / Exempt Amount Method to return How to Apply / Selection Process

School Scholarship Program


JPY 100,000

No repayment is required

●Eligibility :Long-term students
●Application Condition :Class attendance must be 95% and above.
●Application Period :4 times a year (1 month before the date of payment)
●Selection Process :Document Screening

Selection Process

Exam name/Course Name Application period Selection Process

Entrance Examination

April Intake
Application: September - November

・Document Screening
・Japanese Language Test
・Basic Academic Skills Test

Entrance Examination

October Intake
Application: March - May

・Document Screening
・Japanese Language Test
・Basic Academic Skills Test

Entrance Examination

Short term course
Application: Any time

・Document Screening
・Japanese Language Test
・Basic Academic Skills Test

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