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Toyo University

Private University(私立大学)/ Tokyo(東京都)

Toyo University, with over 130 years history, practices "Philosophy Education". We have shaped the prepared global leader through it's inspirational learning experience in 13 departments.


Hokkaido University of Education

National University(国立大学)/ Hokkaido(北海道)

Ibaraki University

National University(国立大学)/ Ibaraki(茨城県)

University of Human Arts and Sciences

Private University(私立大学)/ Saitama(埼玉県)

Aoyama Gakuin University

Private University(私立大学)/ Tokyo(東京都)

J. F. Oberlin University

Private University(私立大学)/ Tokyo(東京都)

Taisho University

Private University(私立大学)/ Tokyo(東京都)

Chuo University

Private University(私立大学)/ Tokyo(東京都)

Kanazawa University

National University(国立大学)/ Ishikawa(石川県)

University Tokoha

Private University(私立大学)/ Shizuoka(静岡県)

Meijo University

Private University(私立大学)/ Aichi(愛知県)

The University of Shiga Prefecture

Public University(公立大学)/ Shiga(滋賀県)

Kyoto University

National University(国立大学)/ Kyoto(京都府)

Kansai University

Private University(私立大学)/ Osaka(大阪府)

University of Hyogo

Public University(公立大学)/ Hyogo(兵庫県)

The University of Shimane

Public University(公立大学)/ Shimane(島根県)

Kumamoto University

National University(国立大学)/ Kumamoto(熊本県)

University of the Ryukyus

National University(国立大学)/ Okinawa(沖縄県)

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Public University(公立大学)/ Tokyo(東京都)

Osaka Prefecture University

Public University(公立大学)/ Osaka(大阪府)