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Privacy policy

Хувийн мэдээлэл хамгаалах бодлогын талаар эндээс харна уу
1.Purposes of the private policy
License Academy Co., Ltd. distributes diversified information gathered from global points, utilizing a variety of media including guidance/events, internet, information publications and newspapers as well as providing opportunities to meet people. License Academy Co., Ltd., which handles personal information of a number of customers and employees, realizes social responsibilities on personal information and establishes this policy,
as well as doing the best to protect personal information.
2.Obtaining personal information When License Academy Co., Ltd.
Япон улсад суралцах хөтөч
(1)When License Academy Co., Ltd. obtains personal information,
(2)personal information shall be appropriately and legally obtained.
(3)a purpose of obtaining personal information shall be declared in advance.
3.Use of personal information
The use of personal information obtained by License Academy shall be limited to and within a scope agreed by a concerned customer/employee. The personal information shall not be disclosed/provided to any third party without prior consent from the concerned customer/employee.
4.Appropriate control of personal information
An internal system shall be established within the company in order to protect the personal information possessed by License Academy Co., Ltd. from illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification/alteration and/or leak, while appropriate prevention, safety and correction measures shall be applied/executed.
5.Чөлөөлөгдөх асуудал
We will comply with the norms of law and other guidelines on the handling of one country. Personally identifiable information, 2. Provides.
6.Continuous improvements
License Academy Co., Ltd. shall continue to improve its management system for privacy protection.
7.Холбоо барих
For any inquiry and/or complaints regarding the personal information possessed by License Academy Co., Ltd. and the personal information management of the company, please contact the following desk.

Personal information desk License Academy Co., Ltd.
Phone: 03-5925-1643 Office Hours10:00-17:00 Mon~Fri (Sat, Sun, public holidays excluded)

Established on May 15, 2006
Сургуулийн нэр
Revised on October 5, 2010
Revised on October 15, 2012
Revised on August 26, 2014

License Academy Co.,LTD
Широта Ясүнори CEO

About the handling of personal information, please refer to our corporate site.
Privacy Policy LicenseAcademy, Inc.