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Founded more than 130 years ago, the university is committed to "philosophical education". We nurture "global human resources" who can play an active role in the world through a wide range of learning.
Faculty of Sociology

Learn about the society we live in.
Focusing on theory and proof as a common theme, the Faculty of Sociology offers curriculums according to the specific characteristics of departments. Based on knowledge imparted in classes, students interpret contemporary social issues and explore solutions to them by investigating society through statistical analyses and fieldwork.

Department of Sociology
Department of Global Diversity Studies
Department of Media and Communications
Department of Social Psychology

Opportunities after Graduation

Government offices, Trading companies, Distribution companies, Finance companies, IT companies, Apparel companies, Tourism companies, Publishing companies, Mass media, Advertising companies, National and local public officials, NGO/NPO employees, Consultants in the field of welfare, Career consultants, and others.