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Toyo University
Founded more than 130 years ago, the university is committed to "philosophical education". We nurture "global human resources" who can play an active role in the world through a wide range of learning.
Faculty of Global and Regional Studies

Spread the seeds of hope across the world. See, work, and search for answers.
Our world now faces a range of problems including economic, poverty, resource, environmental, and conflict-related issues. The Faculty of Global and Regional Studies aims to cultivate human resources who can take action on a worldwide scale and contribute to development of a global society. We enable students to obtain a global perspective, knowledge of various problems, and practical abilities to find solutions.

Department of Global Innovation Studies
Department of Regional Development Studies - Regional Development Studies Course

Opportunities after Graduation

Information and telecommunications, Finance, Chemistry, Energy, Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Tourism, Mass media, Auditing firms Consultant, Government official, National, and local government employee, Domestic and overseas graduate school entrance, JICA Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, NGO for international cooperation, etc.