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Toyo University
Founded more than 130 years ago, the university is committed to "philosophical education". We nurture "global human resources" who can play an active role in the world through a wide range of learning.
Faculty of Science and Engineering

To create “technology in harmony with nature and living things.”
The Faculty of Science and Engineering aims to offer an exciting campus where students experience the joy of making things, and to produce professionals in science and technology that will uphold the future of Japanese industry. We cultivate engineers, scientists, and architects who will play critical roles in manufacturing, creating communities and advancing the nation.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of Architecture

Opportunities after Graduation

Engineers who develop and design precision machinery, Automobiles, Railways, Robots, Steel, Transportation Equipment, Information and Communication Equipment, Security Equipment, Medical Equipment, Welfare Equipment, etc.; Manufacturing and analysis in the food and pharmaceutical industries; Materials development in the automobile, electronics and cosmetics industries; Construction companies, Construction consultants, Transportation, Railway, Building Management, Environmental consultants and other private companies; Architects, Interior and space designers, Design and construction managers, Teachers and public officials, Graduate schools, etc.