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Toyo University
Founded more than 130 years ago, the university is committed to "philosophical education". We nurture "global human resources" who can play an active role in the world through a wide range of learning.
Faculty of Life Sciences

Learn about living things. Solve the riddles of organic life.
Life Sciences, which unlock the mysteries of life phenomena and use the results to make a positive contribution to society, are expected to contribute to solutions in regenerative medicine, food, and environmental issues. Our goal is to foster human resources that can contribute to development of medicine, environment, agriculture, food, and education fields through comprehensive understanding of the life sciences.

Department of Life Sciences
Department of Applied Biosciences

Opportunities after Graduation

Food-related companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Medical-related companies, Environmental analysis companies, Cosmetics companies, Petrochemical, Environmental, Energy, Drug discovery and regenerative medicine, Cosmetics and other related companies and research institutes, Lecturers, and civil servants, Graduate schools, etc.