Tokyo / Vocational school
Tokyo College of Anime and E-Sports
Tokyo College of Anime and e-Sports welcomes International Students to be the lead role in the field of Animation Voice Acting, Games, and e-sports. Please enjoy the Japanese sub-culture and the study life in Japan.
Live Video Streaming & Video Creator Major

Become a video creator using the latest technology!
Students can learn from the basics of techniques and concepts of filming, recording, editing, and other skills that enable them to plan and deliver attractive content, such as acting expressions, video editing, and music production.
Students can also learn how to produce videos using various equipment such as Adobe Premiere Pro and GoPro, and learn how to produce videos that viewers would like to watch.

Opportunities after Graduation

■Video Engineer ■Video Creator ■Video Editor
■Editing Operator ■Video director ■CG Creator ■Technical Director ■Creative Director ■Executive Producer ■Streaming Operator ■Switcher ■Streamer ■Sound Operator, etc.