Tokyo / Vocational school
Tokyo College of Anime and E-Sports
Tokyo College of Anime and e-Sports welcomes International Students to be the lead role in the field of Animation Voice Acting, Games, and e-sports. Please enjoy the Japanese sub-culture and the study life in Japan.
Super Pro Gamer Major

We train people for the future, not just as players!

Learn practical techniques, strategies, and professional practices from active professional gamers, coaches, and supervisors. In addition, video streaming, which is the main source of income for many players, will be acquired through a variety of skills such as editing techniques, social networking strategies, and getting more fans. In addition, students can also learn skills such as team management and administration. Furthermore, we will invite Japan's leading pro-gaming teams to join the tryout event.

Opportunities after Graduation

■ Professional Gamer ■ Game Talent ■Video Games Commentator ■ Streamer ■ Manager ■ Analyst ■ Supervisor and Coach ■ Team Owner ■ Event Staff ■ Event MC ■ Game Writer ■ Debugger ■ Game Planner ■ Game Engineer ■ Game Director ■ Game Programmer, etc.