Tokyo / Vocational school
Tokyo College of Anime and E-Sports
Tokyo College of Anime and e-Sports welcomes International Students to be the lead role in the field of Animation Voice Acting, Games, and e-sports. Please enjoy the Japanese sub-culture and the study life in Japan.
Event Planning and Management Major

Nurture human resources to lead the esports industry from event planning to tournament management!
Regularly organizes e-sports events, such as competitive tournaments with the participation of professional gamers from sister schools all over Japan. Through the planning and direction of actual event production, students acquire knowledge of how to run a festival, as well as general technical skills such as lighting and sound. Students can also learn the rules, judging, and schedule management that are essential to operations, and aim to become professionals who support the e-sports industry from behind the scenes.

Opportunities after Graduation

■ Event Staff ■ Event Producer ■ Event Director
■ Event MC ■ Event Planning and Management
■ Event Producer ■ Streamer ■ Manager ■ Team Owner ■ Game Writer ■ Broadcasting Staff ■ Filming Staff ■ Lighting Staff ■Audio Engineering Staff
■ Employment in other e-sports related companies, etc.